Dr. Iffat Zafar is a graduate of Ziauddin Medical University. She is the cofounder and Chief Development Officer of a health tech social enterprise named Sehat Kahani. She is also a Global Good Fund Fellow for 2018-19. She has also been a part of the SPRING Accelerator (a DFID, USAID AND Nike Foundation backed program) and very recently she won the GSMA funding for Sehat Kahani; a very prestigious global fund for digital technology based startups

She is currently doing her masters in Global E-Health from University of Edinburgh for which she has received CommonWealth Scholarship. She has won and has been the recipient of many international awards such as the GIST Tech I award (a US State Department funded award) and the World Bank Award for Sehat Kahani (tele-health Platform that connects at home-out of work force female doctors to underserved patients in low and middle income markets providing access to quality health care). She was nominated by the USAID Funded MITBAP program to go to MIT for the Entrepreneurship Development Program. She has not given any TED talks before

ONE LINER: Way forward for me is a better tomorrow. A Pakistan where everyone has access to healthcare where every woman is empowered and a part of the economic development.